Monitoring of Otoyo Wind Farm in Japan
The challenge: reliability and safety of Wind Farm

Expensive periodical

Wind Farm operator does periodical checks of equipment by both visual inspection and by “listening” to the components. This is performed by qualified ground crews. Customer is looking for a solution that would help increase inspection intervals without sacrificing reliability, or safety.


Microphones and structure borne sensors monitor the wind turbine 24/7

Microphones and structure borne sensors, along with nGuard platform provide the operator with not just the ability to listen to the components off site, it also monitors the wind turbine 24/7 using anomaly detection.


Extending the inspection interval without sacrificing safety and reliability

  • Preventing damage of the machine – notification sent directly to customers system when NSW solution detects suspicious sound
  • Remote monitoring of a critical asset for fraction of the usual price
  • Correlative data to measure efficiency
  • Unsolvable problem by conventional monitoring systems is covered by Neuron soundware with the added bonus of anomaly detection
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