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With the assistance of AI, it can identify equipment malfunctions before they occur. The technological company Neuron Soundware has secured a funding of seven million euros from the EU Horizon and the Czech TAČR programs.

INVEN CAPITAL and LEAD VENTURES expand to industry 4.0, investing in a progressive Czech start-up who is a leader in acoustic diagnostics of machines

Physics defines sound as a vibration that propagates as an audible wave of pressure through a transmission medium such as gas, liquid, or a solid. Most of the sounds we hear are generated from solid materials, including human speech. Although we need to breathe in order to speak, the muscle tension of the vocal cords must be precisely managed in order to generate the voice.

Read how we implemented changes to overcome challenges and how the COVID-19 virus has changed everything.

Nowadays, manufacturing businesses that interrupted or restricted production suffer because their workers and machines are unable to fulfill their usual roles in operations. On the contrary, other plants are producing at the capacity limit with increased risk.

Our goal in working with this recognised European automotive manufacturer was to keep gearbox production on target and avoid unplanned failures in the helium compressor, a critical production line component.

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