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One of the world’s largest manufacturers wanted to improve the efficiency and to limit the waste of materials in its huge fleet of CNC machines. They turned to Neuron Soundware SE (NSW) to provide them with a custom-made solution that could assist them to reach their ambitious goal.

People always raise eyebrows when they see in Neuron Soundware’s (NSW) materials that the company can monitor virtually any machine that exists, irrespective if it is a rotary machine, reciprocating, linear, pulsating or even a machine without any moveable parts. How is this possible? How can one read acoustic signatures from a machine that does not have any moveable parts?

Let us present to you the full text of the questions and answers that Pavel Konečný provided to Computerworld as a basis for his medallion in a special edition of Computerworld about Czech TOP IT leaders. We believe that you will find the insights of Pavel Konečný, CEO of Neuron Soundware, interesting and inspiring. He shares his views on a range of topics, from professional success and motivation to risk-taking and the future of technology. Meet the man behind the company's leadership and explore his unique perspectives and experiences in the ever-evolving world of technology.

In the realm of industrial maintenance, Neuron Soundware (NSW) has investigated potential collaboration opportunities between its software and OpenAI's ChatGPT. In this article, we delve into how these cutting-edge technologies can not only streamline industrial processes but also simplify tasks for our customers. This, in turn, unveils exciting new opportunities in the realm of machine maintenance and management.

At present, there are not many industries as cutting-edge as nuclear fusion. Fusion energy is the unlimited, carbon-free, ultimate green energy of the future.

Neuron Soundware, a leader in acoustic-based artificial intelligence solutions, is pleased to announce its success in the prestigious E.ON #GridStartupChallenge 2023 held in Malmö, Sweden. The challenge, organized by E.ON Innovation, focuses on fostering sustainable energy infrastructure through collaboration with international startups.

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Sound Design Enhances Products

The Power of Sound Design in Product Creation

Neuron Soundware (NSW) has a mammoth library of more than 1.1 billion sound recordings. Although to date the company has used this library mainly for condition monitoring of machines and control of various manufacturing processes, sound can be also used as a powerful tool in product design.