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Neuron Soundware detected an impending fault in the piston helium compressor for hardening gearboxes in the automotive industry. In March 2021 our AI detected an impending critical fault in the piston compressor, which later culminated in machine downtime. Early detection of this fault represents a concrete result and proof of how machine learning algorithms can assist in predictive maintenance.

AI World magazine recently interviewed CEO and co-founder of Neuron soundware. Read about what NSW does and how we do it.

AI-driven NSW solution helps to prevent unplanned downtime and decrease repair costs of cogeneration units (CHP).

Neuron Soundware solution for machine health monitoring successfully detected faults on air compressors that would be difficult to detect by other diagnostic methods. This saved the production of car rims for a 50-million per year car wheel producer.

In the past operators tested the quality of the window regulators via listening. This meant the testing approach was dependent on the human factor and listening by ear. The manufacturer decided to replace this manual and demanding method by automatic system delivered by Neuron Soundware.

The Prague Public Transport Company as well as Wiener Linien are taking a progressive approach to new trends in the field of predictive maintenance, reflecting the increasing expectations of passengers, as well as requirements for efficiency, human resource management, long-term investments, and the digitization of equipment and processes.

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